We help companies that are spending time and effort on various online marketing activities like SEO, blogging, social media, advertising, and pay-per-click–but are frustrated because they can’t tie it all together and are unsure if it is producing any results.

Does that ring a bell with you?



  • Cold Calling
  • Cold Emails (SPAM)
  • Interruptive ADs
  • Marketer – Centric


  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Attraction
  • Customer – Centric

We increase your web visitors by providing them premium content at the right times and places. This starts them on a qualifying path to appropriate solutions–especially yours!


Our Method






Got visitors? Say you’re already attracting good traffic to your site. Great! But do your visitors eat and run. Do they bounce sooner than you hoped?

Not enough visitors? Sparkinator attracts the right web traffic for you, enticing new visitors onto fresh lanes around the same old jams. How? We diagnose your current traffic systems for opportunities and weakness. Then we recommend the right mix of services to increase the flow by doing the following:


Conversion Path Building entices your visitors with Premium Content via Landing Pages and Call-to-Actions. Visitors complete short qualifying contact Forms, and voila, you’ve got a lead, not a bounce. Lead Nurturing begins. Your lead is on a buying journey, searching for solutions along a predictable path. Salespeople step in at the right time. Email Marketing also provides your leads the resources to make the right decision. Marketing Automation schedules and sends the right and timely email series. A modern marketing system of record.

Case Study

HeatTrack Increased Leads by 600% and Revenue by 23% With HubSpot and Agency Partner

Even with a solid customer base and business growing year over year, there were too many potential customers falling through the cracks.

HeatTrack needed more website traffic and help convert those visitors into leads and customers.

Together with its marketing agency, HeatTrack decided to go all-in with an inbound strategy and to invest in HubSpot’s software.

Within 12 months, they achieved tremendous results: a 600% increase in leads, 15% boost to customers, and 23% gain in revenue.